Tech Integration and CITD Director

Main Responsibilities

Under WNVD Main Leadership, the Tech Integration and CITD Director develops policy systems of appropriate technologies’ adoption and application that allow us to contribute to scaling and speeding community solutions, and improving overall welfare conditions in the ways which are more economically efficient and profitable, socially responsible and respectful of environmental constraints, as well as professionally stronger, while increasing local and domestic growth level.

Specific Assignments

He will closely work with the RESI, PAPI, GDPS and IGEMSID Directors as well as their departmental deputies directly concerned with particular matters to define research priorities fit for future specific projects, and thus developing the best (advanced, and Digital ) required technologies for their fast, monitored and exponential achievements. The avenues of priorities will include Information and Dissemination Systems. Educational and Training Systems; Manufacture, Industrialization and Market Development Systems; Finance and HR Management Systems; as well as Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Systems. They will as too involve Farming and Food Integrated Systems (applying precision and organic agriculture systems; expanding and making farms more efficient, controlling the crop growth cycle and improving the production quality and harvesting systems, as well as improving livestock and fish farming systems…).

On regard to WNVD specific fields, he makes sure adopted and applied technologies comply with the sustainability goals (environmental & nature constraints) and driven in view with communities’ changing trends and increasing needs.

During the process of adoption, acquisition and application of technologies; he oversees the development sessions of budgets that must be accommodated. (The budget plan in this regard, will take into account research, consultation and advisory as well as acquisition, exploitation and rehabilitation costs).

As World New Vision for Development will successfully be scaling up, the Tech Integration Director will as progressively be developing an endowment vision of tech properties for its Research, Education, Sciences, Innovation and Information (RESI-I) Investments.

He develops data integration tech and software programs that help our analysts (RESI & PAPI Directors) in providing a comprehensive picture of key performance indicators that support our team to highlight and orient the compliance efforts and response plans in the ways which are sounder and more intelligent. In that view, he ensures Data Integration Technologies help our team driving advanced analytics, performing response strategies fit for real needs, monitoring achievements based quantifiable and measurable standards, as well as drawing out and providing quality impact statistical reports.

He develops the Organization’s Business Intelligence (WNVD BI Framework) (with scalability and high performance), which supports data integration system and drives insights in real-time, by providing users and our administrators with overall and up-to-date situation of our organization.


The position of a Tech Integration Director is one of the most requiring within our organization. His professional skills and Education background must include:

Beholding an adequate graduate level (Master Degree needed). Technology Sciences, Computer Engineering, Information Management Systems, and Business Sciences (with particular focus on tech aspects) is a great advantage…

As Tech Integration Director, he must have a high professional profile requiring more than expertise in more than a single area to solidly work across a diverse range of branches and teams to improve the way WNVD’s Projects work and impact communities. To this end, he must have a curriculum that allow him to build a Portfolio Tech Career along which WNVD can toughly and rapidly progress and stay ahead of the development game.

He is as well required to have:

High skills and abilities in assessing, understanding and resolving tech-based challenges across various departments, projects and offices.

High technical skills in developing, implementing and overseeing tech smart goals and action plan (TSGAP) for hardware, software and digital applications;

High abilities in inspiring, managing and ensuring IT teams leadership, while improving their skills, their work and supporting scaling their innovations;

High skills and proven expertise in leading IT Main Functions and Departments within Public, Profit, Non-Profit and Education Sectors (more than 3 years of seniority with successful innovations is needed). Experience from developed countries is required;

In addition, he must ideally have great analytic mind, fluent and communication skills, strong problem-solving skills, flexibility to work with different people on different projects and locations.