Vision, Mission and Objective


WNVD is a Humanitarian NGO supporting the promotion of socio-economic growth and sustainable development of global poor communities. Our dream is the advent of a world in which communities flourish and lives conditions worthy assured.


We are commited to promote the changing of ways of doing in the knowledge base and new capacities to immediately and sustainably respond to the present and future generations' needs. Our mission is to empower communities with required means so that they can transform and shape their future.


Our sensitivity to the suffering of others and our humanitarian vocation are based on the recognition of the fairness of fundamental rights and freedoms in a largely universal, inalienable and indivisible nature. We are commited to valueing humanity and promoting: Stewardship, Accountability, transparency, innovation and Global Solidarity.


  • Contribute to the promotion of quality basic and vocational education and innovation.
  • Contribute to the promotion fundamental resources for the guarantee of access to sustainable livelihoods and economic emergence (agriculture-fishing and livestock farming).
  • Contribute to the promotion of sustainable peace, social equity and good governance.
  • Contribute to the promotion of improved and sustainable rural conditions through land use planning, facilitation of access to decent housing, access to social infrastructure and basic social services;
  • Contribute to the promotion of adequate environmental and ecological standards,
  • Contribute to the promotion of professional standards of quality, sustainability, accountability and responsible resource management.

World New Vision for Development