The following 7 goals serve as lenses of our mission and reflect the image of the impact we want to achieve on the path to next community sustainability:

We contribute to shaping and achieving policies and actions that eliminate hunger and promote equitable access to decent food and sustainable livelihoods;

We contribute to the performance and true innovative achievements of modern quality training and education programs fit for the current young people and communities’ needs, the 21th century challenges and that of future generations, and on the whole, reconciling academic background with job, economics and sustainable development requirements;

We contribute to extrapolating and achieving high strategies and actions that effectively fight poverty and promote entrepreneurship, equitable access to decent work and shared community growth;

We contribute to leading important achievements over global climate agenda, fight against carbon emissions and performing the strongest ecological and environmental standards for a safest life-saving development career and healthiest land life;

We contribute to championing resilient strategic policies for sustainable urban and rural life, through expanding new cities, developing social infrastructure and affordable home, and planning smart territories profile and respectful of environmental requirements for balanced and sustainable national development;

We contribute to leading holistic thoughtful action plan that takes into account people left behind, women and girls, minorities and aboriginal peoples for a peaceful and sustainable community transformation in which development opportunities are equitably shared;

We contribute to investing in populations and promoting faithful actors, largest networks and strong partnerships and new communities capable of standing beyond the challenges, predicting change and jointly defining the ways of leading large-scale and high-professional actions around a new common and inclusive vision for the development of generations.