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Hopeland International University College is one of WNVD's RESI Frameworks (a Sub-Saharan Africa International University College); serving as one of our most cornerstone pillars and driving force through which we promote new knowledge and advanced professional skills; providing Congolese and African communities with well-disposed and intelligent sons and girls capable to interpret and overcoming critical challenges; and thus, preparing needed workforce for the next economic industries projects in DR. Congo and Africa.
At HIUC - Hopeland International University College, we want to inspire new minds by giving young people, an opportunity of crossing the gate towards where they rightly experience a true glimpse of how working world looks like and turning their know how into jobs and development opportunities.
Without discrimination as to race, religion, origin, social affiliation, sex or belief… we identify and interface with the most brilliant young people, we reinforce them in a wide range of matters, through a Study-Employment approach so that they can deliver differently and impacting humanity and the planet. It’s a new journey towards acquiring needed talents to effectively solve community challenges and scalably driving societal transformation goals. With HIUC, we are engaged to invest in human capital to shape the excellence and unleashing the power of knowledge to build back sustainable strong world. HIUC serves as leader in disseminating Education for Sustainable Development and a way of extricating Congolese and African communities out of the weaknesses of the current practices and expertise to embark on intelligent actions model for domestic and regional economic resiliency.