WNVD’s Initiative Against CORONAVIRUS Expansion

Dear Partners, As we all know, the whole world is in the difficult health age ever lived before, challenged by the terrible disaster of Coronavirus, and which continues to plunge all humanity into total uncertainty. We thank the resolution of the governments as well as the guidance of the experts and health actors for the containment measures imposed globally on the entire population, we believe that it is one of the preventive measures, pending an appropriate solution. We are all aware that, despite the commendable efforts of governments and the health world, the Covid-19 is spreading with unrestricted speed and causing quick thousands of the world’s deaths. At WNVD, while resolve measures are being considered, we are also looking at vulnerable communities. We know that in such situations, ‘access to information for all’ must be a prerequisite, and above all, to ensure that ‘remote communities have the necessary information on preventive measures’. What do we think of rural communities, and especially those in Africa and Congo, whose vast majority of the population remains lagging behind access technology of internet, media and communication services for all? Containment is good, but not acting for vulnerable communities is worse! WNVD is a humanitarian actor which mission is for the well-being of vulnerable communities. We believe that this is not possible when we fear the risks, rather possible when we accept the risks and act to change them. That is why, by imagining the threats to certain communities in the DRC, for example: island communities of IDJWI, IBINJA, BIRAVA and so many other rural communities such as: Masisi, Rutshuru, Walungu, Kabare… that always experience difficulties of accessing emergency health services, we are launching this #Coronavirus-Free Rural Communities Fund campaign to raise a Coronavirus Prevention Fund in our rural communities as described above. Many of these territories (communities) have great difficulties in accessing health services. For example: on an area of 310 km2 housing several hundred thousand inhabitants, there can only be two or three health facilities (with a very limited capacity), without ambulance or water-source in the communities, and in a current context where transit and case-monitoring centres and appropriate public sanitary facilities are required. By donating, your contribution is simply approaching us towards the required fund form:

  1. Deploying emergency teams to popularize information on Coronavirus prevention;
  2. Building 6 main centres for monitoring and quarantine services;
  3. Making available 6 ambulances to communities for emergency services;
  4. Promoting services for access to safe water and public hygiene,
  5. Maintaining a base medical team for emergency relief,
  6. Promoting effective research and appropriate technologies to stop coronavirus and combat any other health and food disasters in our rural communities.
Dear partners, we must note one thing: these rural communities play always a very important role in maintaining our cities, to which (cities) we unfortunately focus more attention against their foster mothers (rural communities). If we cannot protect our rural communities from this danger, we will not have to face only coronavirus, but even more ‘hunger and livelihoods requirements’, which will be another terrible challenge for us more than even Coronavirus. So far, because of containment, already many people are starting to go hungry, because of the very poor supply capacity for many families in Congo. Do you know that you can save more lives, simply by identifying people and discussing them about this commitment against Coronavirus expansion in our communities? And more than that, don’t neglect your contribution because even $300, $500, $1,000 you give is enough to impact and help changing the situation. Do something now, we’ll be reporting on how your fund is impacting the Coronavirus Crisis in our rural communities. And if we can’t act together to stop the expansion of COVID-19, we’re simply all complicit.
John RAGI, WNVD's President
Gautier BISIMWA, Chief Exective Officer
#Coronavirus-Free Rural Communities Fund:

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