Our story

Seven years ago (from 2017), we rose under the DRC’s not-for-profit statutes to become the global leading solving organization for humanitarian, planetary, social & economic challenges alongside the lesser resilient and the most vulnerable communities.

Recognizing the potential and universal rights disposed by all global communities to flourish and prosper in the ways that empower, secure and make happiest their peoples.

Determined to be part of new era of sounder policies and vibrant actions for generational welfare, prosperity and sustainability.

Confident in the undeniable potential and the power of global solidarity in the promotion of a just, resilient and sustainable communities; we stood up as shapers, mobilizers and enablers of new dynamics and collective response for an advent of a world in which fundamental living conditions are ensured and resources and opportunities of prosperity are expanded everywhere, for a everyone.

From Congo to Africa and the World, we are standing to shape the vision of new builders of prosperous and sustainable communities.

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