Our story

We stand up for sustainable community solution, at outsetting era, where planetary, human, social and economic challenges are globally pressing, and overall; the environmental crisis, poverty and conflicts, in a low resilience context for most of vulnerable communities.

Recognizing universal needs acknowledged for humanity and global communities, including that of flourishing in living prosperous conditions, and in safe and healthy environment for all;

Determined to be part of new era of actions strengthening efforts towards safety, prosperity and sustainability for present and future generations;

Confident of the undeniable potential, the concern, the will and the power of global solidarity and collective action in the promotion of just, equitable, resilient and sustainable communities; we set ourselves a special mission of strongly contributing to influencing and mobilizing new global response and performing again a successful collective vision for an advent of a world in which living conditions are dignified and fairly secured;

From Congo to Africa and the World, we are standing to shape the vision of new builders of prosperous and sustainable communities.