Mission Core Pillars

Our Organization is built on three fundamental pillars, which serve as applied core criteria along the implementation and ongoing achievement of our vision. They include:

High Professionalization
We are shaping and developing an outstanding institution built on high professional profile and effective portfolio. This goal is very significant for us to deliver a sound development career. It deals about the type of actors we are or want to become and the structure in which we are embedding and leading our organization, the professional background and expertise and motivation of staff working and needed in/for our mission, the size and financial goals we set out and mobilize, the management and governance policies we apply, efficiency of projects or programs we carry out, the image(size & trustfulness) and profile of partnerships and networks we initiate and belong to, as well as the performance of impact we achieve on the field.

Innovations and Inclusive Growth

We are bringing back sciences and academic ways, knowledge, know-how and advanced skills to the center of development and connecting brilliant people with required assets to solve their problems and the generations' ones;

We ensure community projects leverage revolution and new technological application to reverse traditional practices, increase action scale and work-fast profitability, address financial gaps and the workforce early weakening challenges, and as well, speeding the time to impact;

We mobilize and raise required and adequate capital to scale financial solutions and impacting change in the long-term ways. This is made possible through the revenues we benefit from our sustainable production industries and the financial support we get from community sustainable growth supporting partners;

We set out, mobilize and achieve inclusive innovating plans and strong cross-cutting partnerships to bridge transitory pathways, conciliating both the recovery’s needs, goals and actions with those of growth and community sustainability.

Accountability and Sustainability

We ensure that our actions are carried in a structural development model and that they integrate both current environmental, social and economic needs;

In all our actions, we know that we must be accountable. That is why we do act with every possible responsibility and ensure our planning, implementing, management and collaboration policies are validly complying with duties and accountability obligations;

We do report in all possible transparency on how we use the funds and financings allocated to our projects and the true impact they have on the expectations of the communities benefiting from our actions;

We know that what we do today has a ripple effect on the future, that's why we always champion inclusive sustainable values and emphasize the relevance of efficiency at all levels of our mission implementation.