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When we founded World New Vision for Development, we were guided by beliefs that there is strength in the number and that a new global solidarity can help us influence an appearing of a new era of revolution for vulnerable communities. That's why we've made volunteerism, Membership and Partnership, important aspects in our mission; because the commitment of global communities’ members to join us can help us improve the way we move towards resilient, prosperous and sustainable communities. By becoming a volunteer, member or our partner:

  1. You are committed to providing essential assistance to worthwhile causes, to the people and communities who need it, through an organization committed to valuing humanity, stewardship, accountability and transparency;
  2. You are joining actors who share common interests and passions with you and are committed to applying them to the service of vulnerable communities;
  3. You agree to belong to an organization determined to bring back the true sense of doing good and serving others;
  4. You have opportunities to meet a wide variety of people from all kinds of horizons, experiences and cultures; something which can:
Indeed, by being part of our team, with a common and shared goal, we build strong bonds, strengths and communities that can change lives. We can reshape the value of giving, by making aid and life for others; the key to happiness. As a community, we rise and fall together. And when we want to, we can thrive our own lives and the lives of others, choosing better the institution that facilitates us the ways and taking an active role in the world we live in.
"It is not too late to deepen our ways towards modern and sustainable communities, today is the time to take part of this commission and stand beyond the challenges" and global solidarity is our key to success...
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