John Ragi


John Ragi is an emerging and independent global development policy architect committed to finding and advancing humanized policies and newer imperatives to repropel the world. He is a managing professional by experience, an economist by call and career, as well as philanthropist, investor and technocrat by vision. An optimistic potential reformer, John is highly passionate about literature, most advanced researches, sciences, technologies, innovations and futurist societies; as well as about nature and smart environmental engineering. In search of a new, more sacred and more cohesive humanity for a new better world; John is as well highly passionate and committed for restorative policies and global justice. He is an independent trainer, speaker, advocator and global new cooperation builder.

John is the President-Founder of UNCACED / United Nations and Communities of Africa for Continental Economy & Development - an independent, more humanistic and African transcontinental organization striving for better lives and more unified economies in Africa. As Co-pioneer & governance policy trustee, John supports in continuously shaping the organization’s mission, that’s concerned into settling, driving & implementing concerted policy reforms and continual strong action plans that ignite essences & advancements of stunning continental growths, sustainable economic ascensions and prominent developments that benefit Africans and global humanity. See

Apart his pioneering leadership within UNCACED; John is the Chair and co-founding member of World New Vision for Development - a future global leading philanthropic investments organization focusing on sustainability and global economic welfare. The organization was established in 2017 under the DRC’s not-for-profit statutes and have since then developed and advocated different humanist endeavors and inclusive investment projects that spur both future national, regional and global ascensions (See

John is the Initiator of the World Concert of Nations for Africa (W-CONCERNA), The 2080 Plan for Africa, The Global Economic Alliance for Africa (GEA4A), The Hopeland City Project, The Global Act for the Demilitarization of Socio-Economic Ideologies and Politics in Africa (The GADISEPA Initiative); and many other ideas and projects he initiates, co-heads and influences as landmark humanist solutions for generations and the 21st century society.

In Les Gouvernails (or the Rudders Corporation), John sees a global consulting firm dedicated to the advancement of societal sciences and future investments. The Institution aims to be a professional expert in predicting, projecting & building the future. The mission of Les Gouvernails is twofold: on one side, the firm aims to provide higher expertise in more in-depth societal research and studies, developing global transformative brains, as well as designing and facilitating intelligent blueprints for dynamic developments. On the other side; serving as Strategic Spectrum and Key Vehicle of opportunities, partnerships, financing, investments, and sustainable societal innovations.

34 years old and 14 years of seniority and self-dedication to the humanitarian & development career (by November 2024). An islander by birth, John was born and brilliantly passed his early education in Idjwi (Eastern DRC) until 15, the elder of the middle sons of Miruho Rutaganda (surnamed Fungulo) and Ntawenderundi Solange. From he's early age, John fast committed to understanding the momentous philosophies of societal civilizations, the path that shaped all the rest of his dynamic life. John has had a fiercer journey, but no matter what thornier path he set out on, he always stood up optimistically, with only one sight set on victory. In everything, he learnt to not dwell on adversity, but using pardon and love as the true motivation of doing more good for those who always wished to pull him down with their negativity. Due to those tougher battles he experienced, John has a greater sensitivity and deeper understanding of humanity’s soreness, which fills him with more kindness and compassion and justifies his tireless commitment to the common g ood and shared happiness.

Christian believer, husband, parent and father of 5, John currently lives in Goma – DRC; an African born Congolese and Global Citizen by moral beliefs and dedication for universal humanity. We can contact him via WNVD or UNCACED or through his twitter and WhatsAp account.

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