Supporting Agriculture and Sustainable Development

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, farming communities face common challenges, such as the need for income diversification to ensure the profitability of practices as well as the possibility of access to technical innovations for a sustainable rural life that benefits everyone. Thus, the agro-ecology sectors must currently find solutions to adopt sustainable development strategies that address social, economic and environmental issues and boost the sustainability of the rural area’s resources. On this day, our goal was to start a program of technical support for farmers with a projection on “Agroforestry and its various forms”, which presents a great potential for mitigating negative impacts related to exploitation: Agricultural land conservation, and diversify agricultural production in the basics of environmental protection and the fight against climate change. This favors, among other things, increasing biodiversity, carbon sequestration, improving water quality, optimizing the profitability of agricultural land, combating the release of greenhouse gases, promoting recreational opportunities… We have been able to show to farmers how much this would be a bold variant and a novelty in the generic context of economic, environmental and social benefits. In the end, we know that this program could know certain limits as: the material, financial and informational means sufficient for its expansion and its success but our will and our determination make the means of the edges as necessary to do something. We are working on an information technology that raises awareness and wakefulness in favor of the agro-ecological sector and opens other marketing centers for agricultural resources in diversity.

World New Vision for Development