RESI Director

Primary Responsibilities

The RESI (Research, Education, Science and Innovations) Director ensures our staff and partners achieve thoughtful and fit for purposes programs enabling our organization to deliver quality and innovating development career that inspires and influences generations to adopt and live a new way of life and actions that are compatible with the planet and humanity.

Specific Assignments

He works more closely with the Executives, partners and broadly with project’s stakeholders to carry out rational approach that allow to monitor and assess (through investigations) insights on the level of community experiences (knowledge, attitudes and practices); the impact of ongoing and upcoming actions, the challenges to be eradicated and opportunities to be capitalized, and ultimately, to inform the paths for improving and leading large-scale solutions.

In partnership with the Executive Leadership Members, the Director RESI outlines and leads the strategies and implementation of an innovative-master plan for youth training, education and talent development, as well as their continuous guidance and support, fit for the vision of a resilient development based on scientific-professional knowledge, on the skills renaissance and transfer, as well as on the promotion of communities capable of overcoming current and future challenges.

Thanks to our new policies for quality revolution and modernization in the training and University education, research and professional innovations programs adapted to the needs and requirements of high performances, contributing to a model of measurable development., he ensures that the younger generation (trained by WNVD) access proper resources and opportunities to properly describe and interpret societal experiences, and thus serve as a technical platform, capable of redefining success. , seek and pursue excellence and lead sound action plans that take into account the planet and the needs of humanity.

Under WNVD main leadership and jointly with the Head of GDPS department, the Finance Director and the Managing Board of our RESI Frameworks (University Colleges, Research and Professional Training Centers); he defines, enhance and promotes our RESI Frameworks' (such as Hopeland International University College ) profile and portfolio and ensures that they are (for WNVD) epicenters of sustainable solutions to the 21th century challenges for young people, low-wage and developing communities as well as arising and next generations.

Jointly with the PAPI and GDPS departments Directors, the CEO and the Chair of the Board of Trustees, he supports the evaluation and the implementation of our organization's expansion & internationalization strategies and avenues, the expansion policies of our services and our impact at the regional and global levels, and thus sheds light (through our "education for sustainable development" approach) on the ways of teaching & sharing our experiences to generations.


Given the size and volume of roles and responsibilities that an RESI Director must perform throughout his (her) career with WNVD, his profile is noticeably more demanding; and his qualifications, skills and experience must include the following criteria:

Professor, PhD or demonstrable evidence of equivalent training and experience in the matter or in a related field.

Having a Significant and senior level experience in academic (public-private institutions, including Profit and Non Profit Organizations) based environment.

Successful leadership and evidenced at national, regional and international levels (that involving proven experience in leading and managing RESI's programs and staff performance within the above described areas).

Having been (at least) one time one of research and innovation award winners over the recent years (if possible).

Valuable experiences, skills and outstanding talents in initiating, leading, monitoring and communicating change.

Having strong passion and great curiosity for shared excellence and development, the ability to interpret and judge intelligently, rationally and objectively facts and results, as well as spirit of inventiveness, perseverance and integrity.

Able to assess and analyze highly complex organizational and operational challenges and quick develop, influence, share and drive palliative intelligent ideas and workable solutions.

Having experience from developed countries is a very considerable (or even an unavoidable) asset for this position.