PAPI Director

Main Responsibilities

Under the CEO’s supervision and jointly with the Executive Board Staff Members; the (Partnerships, Accountability and Performance Improvement (PAPI) Director )plays a cornerstone and catalytic role in performance and accountability's requirements within our organization and towards our partners and beneficiaries in order to ascertain to what extent, our mission, our mutual goals and shared actions would be compatible with the true awaited response to the key humanity and planet challenges.

He develops, improves, shares and leads special strategies and the implementation of coherent action policies fit to sustainable perspectives that encourage and promote inclusive and collective work, through transparent, sound and long-term partnerships, to achieve high-level contribution to impact-continuous mission and a sustainable shared growth.

Specific Assignments

He excitingly and daily works with the HR and Departmental Directors to improve the staff profile and build a more passionate, skilled, driven and active team that thinks, understand and interact (day to day) to get autonomous and collective solutions & make meaningful difference beyond the challenges’ horizon. This means enabling the staff members to access opportunities of learning from experiences and capacity building sessions, to receive and benefit decent, fair and consistent salary and compensation, as well as acquiring exceptional leadership that allows everyone to feel concerned and commit oneself as an inescapable hero of change.

He supports the Executive Leadership to ensure that our fiduciary, operational, management and general governance strategies are effectively set and carried out with strong compliance to our vision, goals and accountability obligations.

Jointly with the GDPS, RESI and IGEMSID Direction, He supports running intelligent programs that help smashing social development challenges by responsibly selecting true community change enablers, improving our projects implementing partners’ skills and endowing them with key assets to drive a common and supportive vision based high professional skills, innovations and accountable actions.

He supports in the review and redefinition of the organization’s overall profile, analyzes its weaknesses and strengths, and thus develops and shares a relevant plan for the organization’s performance, continuous improvement and expansion measures.

He is responsible for building long-term relationships with partners and communities, maintaining their highest satisfaction and addressing, timely and accurately, their inquiries, concerns and wishes. He analyzes current trends within the organization’s projects and social investments industries, identifies, and seeks for new opportunities that generate additional sustainable and shared profitability, and thus, improve the organization’s mission.

He will ensure application, observance and compliance in due diligence, rule of legality, accountability and the rest of performance duty and obligations along the WNVD's mission and projects achievement.

He performs any other responsibility assigned to him in his function and for the same purpose.


Given the Organization's expectations from the Head of PAPI Department; his profile is rigorously set, for it's considered as cornerstone pillar to successfully achieve our vision in the ways which are unique and accountable.

His needed skills, talents, education background and professional story must include:

More or less 8 years of seniority and expertise in organizations’ senior leadership, and having demonstrated unique abilities in understanding & solving complex challenges within public, multinational, profit and nonprofit organizations and in a multicultural environment.

Preferably, beholding a Master degree, PhD (or equivalent) and having considerable experience in partnerships, cooperation and international relations; projects and business management; development and regional planning; public and administrative law; social and political sciences; international law and humanitarian affairs etc.

Having high expertise and proven abilities in providing strategic support and in-depth insights to the Managing and Senior Leadership Boards in order to enable effective governance, oversight and accountability.

Having strong expertise in consulting, collaborating and working with a wide variety of actors and stakeholders to build joint policies and collaborative systems coherent to our vision and objectives, while understanding and ensuring performance and accountability requirements in complex networking models.

Able of building collective trust and confidence among key players at all levels of the organization, understanding the linkages among different parts and their big picture, defining the types of required changes and influence how they will happen.

Embodiment of self-awareness high degree and emotional intelligence and strong ability to work across distributed offices, across different cultures, communities & nationalities. Independent worker, self-motivated, proactive and solution-oriented, capable of championing WNVD Core Values and commitment to its vision and mission.

Outstanding skills in planning and coordination, with strong ability to handle multiple activities concurrently, connect the dots across geographies and organizational functions, work under pressure, and meet tight deadlines, when producing outcomes as they are expected. - High skills in designing and facilitating the work agenda, engaging & building capacity of diverse individuals, groups as well as organizations. Experience in coordinating multi working groups, practices' communities, and networks.

Excellent written and oral communication skills. High fluency in English and French is too needed.