IGEMSID Director

Primary Responsibilities

Alongside with the CEO, the GDPS Director and the Director of Finance and Administration (DFA); the Inclusive Growth, Emerging Markets & Social Investment Development (IGEMSID) Director works to identifying, proposing and overseeing the implementation of Bankable and Revenue Generating Projects Strong Policies that enable our organization, our partners and communities to find solutions to financial burdens and trends, and ensuring on a large scale and on an ongoing basis, a catalytic role and a pioneering model of resilient actions on economic growth and community prosperity.

He’ll always be providing leadership, management and technical support to IGEMSID Projects Teams and those of their implementing partners to ensure successful innovating model of bankable projects.

Jointly with stakeholders around his role, the Head of IGEMSID department develops and implements “Self Financing Strategies” and incorporate in his technical planning, the ways we can generate capital and scaling financial solutions to lead to continuous and sustainable shared transformation


Following his strategic role in the WNVD’s Sustainability Goals, the IGEMSID Profile Director is as too demanding and exceptional professional background is required. He must therefore satisfy to the following minimum requirements: