GDPS Director

Primary responsibilities:

Under the supervision of the CEO, the Global Development Programs & Strategies Director remains the key technical person in planning and leading community lives’ improvement and development driven strategic projects.

He works more closely with the staff members around his mission (including Regional Mission Responsible, Zone Managers and Field Officers) to set up and implement coherent and achievable Action Plans that boost communities' progress.


As with the CEO, a GDPS Director’s position is too demanding that he must have a required profile to lead this position.

Although he is not required to be a statutory member, he must nevertheless be selectively recruited. He must demonstrate a good command of issues, challenges and geo-contextual and strategic dynamics of the SDGs, and, above all, be able to propose, in accordance with WNVD's mission, particularly integrated and sustainable solutions for vulnerable communities.

He must have considerable professional experience in leading and implementing development projects and behold required university degree in the matter.

He must comply with any other requirement relating to this position like: