Finance Administrative Director

Main Responsibilities

As we'll always continue to enhance our Action Plans and Capacity Building Strategies for an advent of prosperous and self-governing communities, the Finance Administrative Director will as too be playing a critical role in the strategic operating and decision making within our organization. As member of the Executive Leadership Team, the Finance Administrative Department works closely with the CEO and the President to support the Board of Trustees’ responsibilities in fiduciary and organizational policies and provide strategic technical guidance to further develop WNVD as a financially sound organization

Areas of Responsibilities
Financial Responsibilities

Under the CEO’s supervision and jointly with his department team members (including Area, Regional and Country Managers ), the Director of Finance & Administrative Department develops the organization’s financial plan, prepares progressive financial reports and is involved in directing WNVD's Investment Activities.

The FAD as well plan the organization’s long-term financial goals and protect its assets. He performs budget and payroll dealings, maintain distinct accounts such as Own and Grant funding Accounts, and maintain accurate financial records for tax-related purposes.

The Finance and Administrative Direction is responsible for the accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, tax compliance, investments, insurance, Agents and Consultants payment; and as well Audit Policies (he must ensure that effective financial management and accounting system controls and standards are set out) and talent management functions of the organization etc.

HR Responsibilities, Talent development & Administration

He develops, implements strategies and enforce the department accountabilities around employment, recruitment, contracts and staffing, compensations policies, salary and social benefits management, retention and labor relations and ensure as well compliance with federal and state legislation pertaining to all staff matters.

He ensure that recruiting processes are consistent and streamlined and transparently driven following to WNVD’s forecasted relating procedures.

He oversees employee-related insurance, retirement and medical flex programs.

As WNVD will be scaling up, he'll as well further develop the Organization’s HR required capacities and improve their professional development by developing and implementing robust training and performances enhancement, compensations and benefits policies as well as shaping and maintaining key knowledge for the organization's potential industries.

He manage and oversees retreats sessions and special prayers, look for and create opportunities to celebrate the organization's and staff members success as well as the organization's managers and Senior Leaders' anniversaries;

He oversees the overall administrative functions to ensure efficient and consistent operations, including:

Closely and transparently working with all external and third-party partners including vendors and consultants. Negotiating and managing project-related contracts with consultants, contractors and suppliers, including lease and properties acquisition agreements and ensure compliance with all contracts entered into by WNVD.

Evaluating and maintaining adequate insurance and tax coverage to meet the changing organization’s and staff needs; ensuring that procedural guidelines are renewed and tailored to the legal and administrative context, that claims are settled and properly filed, and that relationships with insurance and tax companies are well managed.

Overseeing offices operations and matters relating to facilities, acquisition, maintenance and replacement of major equipment and capital assets as well as their relative safety and security. He will be performing other duties as assigned to him according to the need.


The profile and qualifications sought for this position are very demanding and must meet several requirements, including those relating to education level, work experience, leadership and management, strategic vision and personal and organizational development, and high capacity in human resource management. Therefore, he is someone with a particular passion in Communities’ development, strong background in finances and human resources management as well as in nonprofit, profit and public sectors.

Indeed, the following criteria must be met:

Holding a Master’s degree in related field (business, accounting and finance management, economics…), a Master’s degree is preferred.

Having more/less 10 years of professional background with nonprofit, corporate and public sectors is a preference. Thus, detailed understanding in nonprofit’s finances and accounting functions is critical. That can be experience as Fiscal Director, Senior Administrator or an Executive Director with evident, acknowledged and measurable achievements.

Having strong capacities for managing and leading people, exceptional capacity to enforce accountability, develop and empower leaders, boost the staff (from the lower level) towards top and expected achievements as well as showing strong commitment to follow-through, and high emotional intelligence to build effective teamwork and a healthy and safe work environment.

Incarnate professional strong skills and the ability of developing the organization around a broad vision, have strategic and creative ideas with the ability to predict operational trends and their future consequences, and integrate them into planning with promising and thoughtful solutions.