Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Primary Responsibility

Under the President of the Board of Trustees responsibility, the CEO ensures the WNVD’s Vision and Action Policies implementation.

Specific Assignments

He ensures and oversees the Organization's Overall Strategies implementation as approved by the Board of Trustees President; the Accounting and Financial operations as well as Human Resources’ management and Executive Leadership in the perspective of WNVD’s Vision, Mission and Values;

He supports the President in the mobilization of Budgets and funds for development programs and projects;

He ensures and facilitates different training sessions, exchanges and consultations valuable to the organization's mission improvement;

He ensures the quality and effectiveness of technical and operational reports before submitting them to the Board of Directors’ President and partners;

He represents the organization towards technical and financial partners;

He oversees the implementation and impact reports of Action Plans and decisions adopted by the Board of Executives;

He works closer to the President and Executive Board Staff Members to develop and propose innovations in Action Plan Implementing Strategies;

He ensures good policies and effective management of resources allocated to Projects.


Fulfilling the profile of a CEO at WNVD is more and more demanding and the following criteria must be required: