Stand up for environmment and Climate Change

Despite the global nature of the community challenges, WNVD has assigned a broad-based mission as well as relevant goals around which its actions are articulated and which allow us to optimize a significant and lasting impact on underdevelopment. We intervene where the need is immense and where our actions can lead to remarkable change. In light of this, we have expanded our activities in South Kivu province since July 2019 to work closely with the South-Kivu population on appropriate measures and strategies that sustain the community development. As part of the support for the Sustainable Cities and Communities Goal, SDG #11 as launched in 2019 by the ICOSCAT Coalition, our SOUTH-KIVU Coordination joined our Sustainable Environment Dynamic on Monday 16 March 2020 in view of promoting community lasting resiliency. The mission was to mobilize millions of people from all social strates to create strong and active solidarity in the fight against climate and environmental challenges. That was the case of the environmental campaign carried out in the MUMOSHO Groupment (KABARE territory, 18 km from Bukavu). This action has brought together: 930 students from 8 secondary schools, 41 teachers, 3 School Directors, 1 Chief (Leader) of Groupment, 4 religious Officers, 1 President of civil society, 10 Leaders representing youth structures and the Director of the Centre “ Congo Peace School” where the awareness campaign was held. During the campaign, the following topics were developed:

  1. Environmental challenges and opportunities,
  2. Reforestation,
  3. The development of deteriorating sites,
  4. Hygiene and sanitation,
  5. the impact of active solidarity in community building (individual and collective responsibilities) as well as
  6. The actions of young people in the community revolution.

Educational and participatory exchanges were carried out, and followed at the end, the sounding reforestation action. WNVD has distributed different seedlings, from which each participant has planted a tree. During this session, Authorities and local leaders have emphasizing shared their satisfaction, stating that the achievement has never had precedent one in the zone. They’ve uphold the same mission and engaged for a community lasting plan.
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