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Despite the disappointment over the persistence of social and economic ills in poor communities around the world;
World New Vision for Development wants to contribute to the revival of hope for the future.
Whatever the opulence of the challenges we have set out to eradicate, we place the prosperity of a state in the quality of education it provides to its citizens and want to contribute to the elimination of illiteracy and capacity deficits, which on a large scale are major factors influencing vulnerability to poverty in the world. Our motto is to develop through education in order to influence lasting changes in the basis of new knowledge and professional skills.
We believe that the school remains a framework for mobilizing global communities around a major hope that is to getting out of poverty, ignorance, conflict and underdevelopment.
Otherwise; as we have always said: “If you want to invest in the months, you have to sow seeds, if you want to invest in the years, you have to plant trees and if you want to invest in the generations, you have to do it in education”.
Thus, for a reframing of the capes towards modernisms and new civilizations in the lessons of knowing and doing, the setting up of a program of promotion of the professional revolution of quality with a community, national and regional impact is an imperative which requires changes on the part of training sectors, education and institutional systems.
This is primarily a new provision of human capital well informed and engaged in the transformation of sectors likely to boost economic aspects such as agroalimentary, technology and industrial emergence, marketing, ecosystems, rural planning… In the end, our goals being defined at 3 levels; we want:

World New Vision for Development