Our Actions and Intervention areas

1. Primary education

• Educational support for vulnerable children,
• Rehabilitation and construction of school infrastructure,
• Strengthening the capacity of supervisors on modern teaching and coaching practices and methods,
• Support for Income Generating Activities for vulnerable children.

2. Food Security and Entrepreneurial Development

• Capacity building of farmers, fishermen and breeders on new techniques of agropastoral revolution to promote guarantee of access to sustainable livelihoods
• Organization of farmers, fishermen and breeders in savings and credit cooperatives
• Capacity building of members of agropastoral cooperatives on solidarity: development, conflict management and responsible resource management
• Granting agropastoral credits
• Promotion of processing plants
• Packaging, storage, marketing and fair market facilitation.

3. Gender, peace building and responsible governance

• Organization of awareness-raising campaigns and mobilization of communities in the fight against violence against women, girls and minority peoples
• Peaceful settlement of conflicts (fight against conflicts and violent extremism);
• organization of debates, discussions on responsible masculinity and the involvement of men in the fight against poverty in the families, the culture of peace and the spirit of association and participation in the management of family goods,
• Education for responsible citizenship and responsible governance.

4. Planning of rural territory, social infrastructure and basic social services

We are excited to work for the sustainability of rural areas, given their strong contribution they bring on the one hand to the development of urban environments and on the other hand to the control of the gradual demographic explosion in urban environments by their position strategic of new cities creation.
• Identification and planning of disaster risk areas
• Rehabilitation and construction of basic social infrastructure (hospitals, water sources, listening points, agricultural desert roads)
• Facilitating access to housing credits
• Construction of shelters for the elderly and vulnerable,
• construction and rehabilitation of markets and tourist homes
• organization of rural populations in the grouped and participative housing

5. Environment

• Reforestation
• Safe Space, fight against Pollution and Carbon Emissions
• Awareness raising, mobilization and training on the promotion of hygiene rules
• Awareness-raising, mobilization and training on the promotion of ecological systems, participatory protection of protected areas, play and recreation spaces…

6.Research, Science, Training and Innovations

• Universities, research institutions
• Inventions and new technologies
• Construction of professionalization centers, centers of reflection, capacity building and experience sharing
• Scholarships,
• Credits for university studies,
• Financial and technical support for students’ best projects for the development of their respective communities
• Training on the application of sustainable development strategies in local level.