Men engaged in the eradication of poverty

3 days before starting a new year (2019) and now situate our entire 2018 adventure in the past, our program of men engaged in eradicating poverty for sustainable development came together around a question of knowing «how to contribute to the application of an approach aimed at the advent of an active society contributing to socioeconomic growth and sustainable development in Eastern of DRC»?
Our attention was focused on:
• The diversity of local resources,
• Local production power,
• The financial power of the institutions (Banks, Philanthropy, International Development NGOs, Global Solidarity …) and the role of advocacy and technical support that confers us our social mission for the poor communities.
We have also focused on one of the pragmatic goals for the year 2019- and have decided on the following plan:
• Accelerate efforts to extrapolate audience possibilities at the global level with a ripple effect on support for entrepreneurship promotion and socio-economic recovery,
• Accelerate the process of implementing the objectives signed by the ISCOSCAT-CIVTED Coalition (International Coalition for Sustainable Cities and Towns) at the local level,
• Support actions aimed at promoting Environmental Education and offering skills for new expertise in sustainable development;
• Strengthen actions in the Agroforestry sector;
• Accelerate efforts to promote education and combat illiteracy;