International Coalition for Sustainable Cities and Territories (ICOSCAT-CIVTED)

The implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) does not only involve the active engagement of governments, it is also our duty as members of civil society, like the rest of other actors (companies, communities, researchers …).
We must all cooperate in diversity for more general purposes: to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all; hence a work in partnership and participation of all.
To strengthen actions for resilient cities and communities, there must be a new multi-stakeholder approach with strong and common actions.
To this end, we salute the efforts and undeniable leadership of the NGO Urbaniste Sans Frontière (USF-France) in honor of its President-Founder, Dr. Maggie Cazal, who has demonstrated exceptional activism for development. and, in particular, its success in initiating an International Coalition for Sustainable Cities and Territories (CIVTED-ICOSCAT).
This coalition has just been signed by 100 participating members from different entities, under the excellent coordination of the USF organization in order to contribute more to the overall implementation of Goal # 11 of the SDGs, as well as to others that are directly related to it, for example: SDG # 9, SDG # 17 …
Overall, the objectives of the coalition are:
• Act collectively to emerge local, regional and global public policies that work for the sustainable development of cities and territories.
• Promote partnerships for city and sustainable territories between public actors, economic actors, private actors and civil society.
• Facilitate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the local and regional levels.
In our areas as a supporting actor for the promotion of sustainable development and member of the ICOSCAT-CIVTED coalition; we are more excited to work for the sustainability of rural areas, given their strong contribution that they bring on the one hand to the development of urban environments and on the other hand to the strategy of mastering the gradual population explosion in urban areas by their geostrategic position of creation of new cities. Considering the difficulties faced by the territories in relation to the high possibilities of access to basic socio-public services (water and energy, safe and healthy environment, decent housing, commercial infrastructures and quality education); we must support the expansion and planning policies of these communities, with a view to equitable and sustainable national and regional development.
For more information on the coalition charter, the members and their different entities and the actions to undertake, you can access these links:
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