Improving socioeconomic change-builders in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, transfer of skills adapted to professional and entrepreneurial needs for young people

In all our interventions, we are convinced that the transformation of our community lives must start with a combination of know-how and life, which grant to our communities facing challenges, tangible and sustainable ways to extricate themselves from poverty and instability towards peace and sustainable development.

We want to see, along our interventions, the reappearance of new generations and communities built on informational, active and transformational experiences for sustained and consolidated community recovery.

On this day, our concerns were about how to promote an informed, active, productive and profitable youth for a socio-economic and financial recovery of our communities.

From June 10th to 19th, 2019, we organized training sessions, which  focused on entrepreneurship and soap factory, another bridge towards the consolidation of peace and solidarity development with young people. It should be noted that in addition to the knowledge acquired in the field of soap making, young people have acquired sufficient skills in the responsible and sustainable management of resources.

32 young girls and boys have been trained and now have skills in making Tower, Kifeb and OMO soaps (blue, white and blue powder soaps).

The training was closed Tuesday, June 19, 2019 by a ceremony of handing over the patents and testimonials of the beneficiaries on the way they have been inspired and now their new commitment to the improvement of personal and community living conditions. You can also follow the way this activity has been realized on our YouTube by searching: World New Vision for Development or click to:  to read the video directly.

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