Compassion Action for Distressed People (Assistance to Orphaned Children)

     The delivery of our mission has as its main target: vulnerable communities and distressed people, the capacity deficit, poverty, humanitarian needs, economic crisis and underdevelopment, etc. Of all these criteria, those facing particularly difficult situations are our first priorities because we must first save lives most exposed at risks, and then maintain our intervention in a long-term policy. Sometimes we have to find direct answers to relieve. This was the case today; our activity was to assist this large number of orphaned children, who live in very alarming lives conditions. Together with ALDEG’s Vision, we gathered a few sacks of flour, a few bags of rice, a few bags of soap (omo), a few cans of oil (lard), a few bags of bread and a bag of clothes; collected from our members to ensure the survival of these orphaned children for a few days. We don’t be limited there. We must find a path through what we will mobilize an effective solution that ensures access to sustainable livelihoods. It’s for example; given the global nature of the causes of the vulnerability of children and young people in Eastern DRC, we have set up a five-year Integrated Program for Children and Youth, which implementation will enable us to obtain a greater impact through the consultation of our efforts and various partners who can potentially join us in the participative struggle.

This program is focused on the fundamental rights of children and young people as well as practical responses once there is the deprivation, and many more the rights
of access to sustainable livelihoods, rights to basic and vocational education of quality and innovation, the right to peace and social development … 

These are rights that every child and every young people should enjoy and that every human being should be able to exercise for an expected future. Our goal is to bring visible and lasting improvements in the lives of children, youth and vulnerable communities through direct assistance, education of quality and innovation, entrepreneurship… and to influence attitudes and practices that promote growth and sustainable development of poor communities. We know that our assistance is not enough to overcome the vulnerability and misery that children and young people are facing in Eastern DRC, we may and need to combine with this work, other strategies such as global mobilization and advocacy activities, which will create the conditions for programs of assistance and integral development of children, young people and vulnerable communities.

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