We have made membership and volunteerism a very important part of our organization, because the commitment of community members around the world to participate in our actions can help us revive a new era for communities living in extreme poverty…When you participate in an activity of our organization:

  • were you just volunteering,
  • being part of a presidential committee of our core in your area or
  • Would you simply help to change the life conditions of your community members living in vulnerability?

By becoming a member of WNVD:

  • You become a voice in your community suffering,
  • You are part of an organization of actions for the promotion of the well-being and the socio-economic growth of the global poor communities.
  • You are part of a historic era of activism and determination for the best future of the global poorest corners.

If you wish to become a member of our organization, write us on:
If you wish to become a volunteer, write us on:

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